One-Parent Family Members Fees. One-Parent household cost (OFP) try a payment for both women and men under 66 that are getting youngsters upwards with no help of somebody.

One-Parent Family Members Fees. One-Parent household cost (OFP) try a payment for both women and men under 66 that are getting youngsters upwards with no help of somebody.


Getting this payment you have to see specific circumstances therefore must satisfy a way test.

One-Parent families cost is actually a nonexempt source of income.

a to run group Dividend is obtainable for solitary moms and dads and long-lasting jobseeker households with youngsters exactly who select or come back to work.

Servicing costs and COVID-19

In the event the different parent of one’s youngsters has quit or decreased their unique upkeep cost, you could get an increase in their One-Parent Family fees.

Attain an increase, you ought to speak to your regional Inteo center. You will have to write a letter stating either the reduced quantity or that you will be don’t acquiring a maintenance repayment and provide it to your neighborhood Intreo center.

Your own One Parent family members cost are going to be increased for a period of around 12 days. From then on duration, your payment might assessed as well as your way reassessed.


To qualify for a One-Parent parents repayment (OFP) you have to:

If perhaps you were maybe not married towards parent of child/children you do not have to get servicing through the various other father or mother when you initially claim OFP. However, you must create efforts to get upkeep from the various other mother to carry on is qualified to receive OFP.

Look for a little more about exactly what making an effort to search upkeep method for separated moms and dads and unmarried mothers. Read also ‘Liability to maintain parents’ following next.

Earnings from servicing

Repair costs for you and upkeep for your requirements regarding of one’s youngsters was assessed inside the way examination. If you’re getting servicing from more than one people, all of the payments are put with each other together with utter is actually assessed. However, merely half of your earnings from servicing will be subtracted out of your OFP. If you have houses costs, your own lease or mortgage repayment up to a maximum of €95.23 each week could be counterbalance against maintenance repayments. Half the balance is then assessed as ways. You have to create proof rent or mortgage payments. You may get additional information on exactly how servicing was considered as way.

Responsibility to keep up family

Both women and men are required, underneath the laws, to pay for servicing to a based upon wife, civil spouse or previous cohabitant and any reliant kids who are not living with them. These people are known as ‘liable family members’. If you find yourself a liable general and don’t spend sufficient upkeep towards ex-spouse, ex-civil spouse or former cohabitant and reliant child(ren), you need to donate to the cost of the One-Parent Family Payment, that is paid to your group.

The constant maintenance recuperation product of Department of societal security will contact the liable family member whether they have maybe not paid sufficient servicing. Possible get in touch with the Maintenance data recovery Unit on (071) 967 2599 to find out more. You can also find on about ‘Liability to Maintain Family’.

One-Parent Family Members Fees and EU Laws

EU citizens, EEA people and Swiss nationals who are employed or freelance in Ireland and who will be spending into the Irish social insurance coverage program do not need to meet up with the habitual residency standards to qualify for One-Parent household fees.

One-Parent Family Payment and Deserted Wife’s Profit

Should you have to transfer from Deserted Wife’s perks to One-Parent Family installment are accepted as a participant on a residential area jobs design, you are able to apply at get entitlement to Deserted girlfriend’s Benefit rejuvenate. While Deserted girlfriend’s advantages are shut to brand new individuals, it’s still paid to people who had competent because of it before 2 January 1997.

Maximum regular rate of payment for Deserted Wife’s profit is higher than maximum weekly price of installment for One-Parent family members Payment. Should you qualify for the entitlement to Deserted Wife’s profit repaired, you may become due arrears.

Years limit for a relevant kid

Receive a One-Parent household Payment you must have one related son or daughter below 7 years.

Conditions toward era limitations

Domiciliary Care Allowance

In case you are acquiring Domiciliary practices Allowance (DCA) for children, your be eligible for OFP with respect to that youngster if you meet up with the different conditions. This means that possible make an application for or continue steadily to state OFP before youngster achieves 16 or DCA puts a stop to. You’ll also see a growth for an experienced youngsters (IQC) for different little ones when you look at the family members until they achieve 18 (or 22 if in full time education) while DCA (and OFP) is in cost.

Carer’s Allowance

If you find yourself presently acquiring OFP and tend to be providing full time attention and care for 1 of the kiddies and for a grown-up (for example a moms and dad or a brother), you can keep your own OFP but also claim half-rate Carer’s Allowance, provided that your own youngest child is elderly under 16 age.

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