This is exactly acquiring very long, thus Iaˆ™ll reply in a separate comment on others dilemmas you mentioned

This is exactly acquiring very long, thus Iaˆ™ll reply in a separate comment on others dilemmas you mentioned

Your mentioned contained in this comment that Mormons think you need to be partnered before

your perish in order to be partnered after you perish. This will benaˆ™t appropriate. I am a lifelong (Iaˆ™m 65), devout Mormon and see the doctrines completely. We actually illustrate solitary people that if they cannot get a hold of a spouse contained in this existence they no doubt in the character community. We believe in eternal relationship if spouses live in love and devotion to one another and Jesus. We significantly think Jesus desires you to-be happy and achieved, even while he’s, hence nobody would be lonely or sad, unless they end in hell.

You do outstanding services here and I also commend your for revealing these great knowledge and teachings. Thank you.

Thank you for stopping by, as well as your comment as well as your kinds words.

Today Iaˆ™m nearly positive what you should thought. It had been a Mormon people just who informed me that. He was very insistent he must have married on earth so as that he could be married aˆ?for time and eternity.aˆ? I thought it had been a little odd at that time, but he had been a well-educated person, and I also believed he know just what he had been speaing frankly about. I inquire if you can find differences of viewpoint within the church, or if this was an older plus standard notion among Mormons?

Any time you could aim us to any formal chapel supplies on this subject matter, i’d quite definitely appreciate it. I have labeled this perception among Mormons various other blogs. I might n’t need as dispersing misinformation about othersaˆ™ viewpoints.

At the same time, Godspeed on the spiritual journey.

Obviously your Orthodox priest isn’t going to accept Swedenborg, because Swedenborg declined some of the most fundamental doctrines on which standard Christianity, like the Orthodox Church, is based.

The key old-fashioned Christian philosophy that Swedenborg denied could be the doctrine for the Trinity of people. Youaˆ™ll need to make your own mind about that one. Here are a few posts that go on it right up from numerous aspects, from a Swedenborgian views:

About Swedenborg seeing aliens, kindly discover my post: aˆ?Aliens vs. advancement: Swedenborgaˆ™s 1758 guide on Extraterrestrial Life.aˆ? It is true that Swedenborg says that inside religious business he noticed spirit and angels that originated in different planets, like the different then-known planets inside our space (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), and even from Earthaˆ™s moonlight. The guy felt that the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are inhabited furthermore. All that, naturally, we now know becoming impossible. Swedenborg got incorrect about there getting people on the other planets in our space. And I just take that up inside the linked post.

But as much as more planets being inhabited, a lot of regular and secular boffins now think that itaˆ™s more than likely that there is intelligent lifetime someplace else in market. Only in the past ten years weaˆ™ve uncovered countless planets orbiting other stars. And while many wouldn’t be welcoming your, several might beaˆ”and there is certainly a rigorous research to acquire people that could have actually existence on them. So even though you could call Swedenborg crazy for claiming the guy found spirits from other planets, research is now sharpening in on possible more planets where there can be existence.

My personal see would be that Swedenborg made an error in proclaiming that another planets

As for the general cost that Swedenborg is outrageous, thereaˆ™s no facts regarding. He was a normal when you look at the personal sectors of Sweden, where he had been quite charming, typical, and smart. He had been, indeed, an extremely well-known supper visitor. And even after he began exploring the religious globe the guy proceeded to need his seat during the Swedish quarters of Nobles as he was at Sweden, posted periodic documents in the governmental issues during the day (he was a far better journalist than he had been a public presenter), and revealed every sign of are a person definitely in command of his performance.

Now, if a priest or minister will probably point out that Swedenborg ended up being ridiculous simply because the guy saw angels and spirits, then that priest or minister will have to determine in addition that a lot of from the major figures during the Bible are insane. Lots of important people in the Bibleaˆ”such as Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Joseph, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, and Johnaˆ”saw angels, along with their particular physical lives altered by those experiences. Become we browsing refer to them as all outrageous because God-sent angels to offer all of them an email? Of course not, what grounds will we need for proclaiming that Swedenborg had been ridiculous because the guy said that goodness started his attention to see angels and spirits with the intention that Swedenborg could create a message from Jesus to humanity?

Without a doubt, once more, youaˆ™ll have to make your own head about this. I canaˆ™t tell you what you should think. I can only present another type of attitude on Christianity as provided into the most reports about this blog site. I’d encourage you to definitely think about your priestaˆ™s words, consider what i need to state right here on religious Insights for everyday activity (i will be additionally an ordained Christian minister), go on it to God in prayer, and contemplate why is one particular sense for your requirements, and that which you believe to be true about God, heart, together with Christian lifetime.

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