Top 9 Asian Online Stores.

Top 9 Asian Online Stores.

On June 18, 2015, another large Chinese retailer, the online store, entered the Russian market. This company is the second in terms of trading volume after Alibaba Group, which owns the famous AliExpress and Taobao. has launched a Russian-language website and is ready to fight for buyers with sites that have been operating in the post-Soviet space for a long time.

We have studied Asian online stores, read customer reviews about them and compiled the top of the best. The list is not ranked – it’s just a dozen sites with the best assortment, service and prices. If you want, arrange the sites in descending order in the comments yourself.


It is the largest trading floor in China. A kind of wholesale and retail online hypermarket, where thousands of sellers and hundreds of thousands of goods are gathered. AliExpress is often compared to eBay: you can buy individually or in lots, you can buy immediately or participate in an auction, and the conditions and quality depend on the specific seller. Only AliExpress does not sell used items.

AliExpress has a Russified version of the site (not to be confused with product descriptions by sellers), where prices are displayed in rubles. For more convenient and efficient shopping, mobile applications have been released.

Another plus is the ability to communicate directly with sellers and a buyer protection system. The seller receives money only when the buyer confirms receipt of the goods. Thanks to disputes, it is possible to return what was spent or receive other compensation in the event of marriage or unfair trade.

There are many payment methods: from bank cards to electronic payment systems. Shipping is generally free. But that depends on the seller. On AliExpress, various sales are constantly held, as well as promotional codes.

AliExpress is focused on the external market, and this is its main difference from another subsidiary of the Alibaba Group – Taobao also has a huge range of products, from paper clips to computers. But in order to register on a website which, by the way, is completely in Chinese, you need to have a working Chinese phone number. In addition, you can only pay for purchases with cards issued in China. In other words, in order to buy something on Tao, residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries have to resort to the services of intermediaries. Fortunately, there are plenty of them: for example,


Accessories for gadgets, telephones, household appliances, household goods, clothing, jewelry, bags, cosmetics – what is there in this multichannel online store. More than 30 thousand positions in total.

Banggood launched in 2004, headquartered in Guangzhou. The store has several warehouses in China, USA and UK APARTMENT FOR RENTING IN KICUKIRO NEAR SIMBA SUPERMARKET-manual.pdf.

Users note the adequacy of the prices, as well as the good service. So, there is a group “VKontakte”, where you can get an answer to your question in Russian (the site is also translated). For those who find it more convenient to shop through a phone or tablet, there are apps for iOS and Android.

Bank cards, PayPal, Yandex.Money, QIWI or WebMoney are accepted for payment. Shipping is free by default, but you can choose EMS. The tracking number for parcels is relatively inexpensive at $ 1.7, and for orders over $ 25, it is issued for free.

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